Digital Skills, Social Media and Communication Skills Training

From digital or social media beginner to experienced producer, we can meet your learning needs with our off-the-shelf or bespoke courses.

All of our trainers come from a broadcast background, making them perfectly placed to understand the power of getting messages out, telling stories and the best ways to do that for the digital world. Find out more about us.

We have a range of off-the-shelf courses or can create bespoke sessions to meet your needs. Courses can be delivered in person at your premises or virtually.


Our Courses

Social Media For Small Businesses – Making Social Media Simple One Day Course: Our new one day course, for people running small businesses, will empower you to make the most of your social media activity. From helping you articulate what you want to achieve, to thinking about your target audience, your content and production plan, you will leave with your own social media strategy that’s ready to help you make your social media simple!

Film Industry Marketing and Leadership Courses:
Find out about our “Marketing Through Social Media For Films And Filmmakers” and “Introduction To Leadership For Filmmakers” one day courses, supported by the ScreenSkills Film Skills Fund with contributions from UK film productions.


Video for online and social media:
From planning to make highly shareable and discoverable videos, to storyboarding, production and editing across a range of software, we take you through the steps which will ensure you’re making the most of your video production resources.


Creating attention grabbing images for social media: We know that images make digital content more shareable. Creating grabby images is absolutely critical for cutting through the noise of the social media world. Our courses can cover creating images which catch the eye, developing visual consistency to complement your brand, taking great photos as well as using tools, apps and software such as Photoshop.


Innovative storytelling on evolving social platforms: With the advent of the Stories format on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, and the rise of user generated videos on TikTok, a new storytelling vocabulary is emerging which can put your followers into the heart of your content. Find out what the differences are and how you can start using Stories and TikTok.


Building brands with social media:
We take you through the building blocks of a strong social media strategy, the core ingredients of creating shareable content that gets your messages to the right target audiences.


Understanding your social media audience: Using our bespoke social media empathy map we can help you understand the key activities of your audience and how this can influence the content that you make to target them, as well as the collaborators you might approach. We also present digital and social media consumption trends to inform your thinking.


Smartphone skills – Using your phone to make great content: Learn how to make the most out of the fantastically powerful content creation tool in your pocket. How to use your phone to shoot and edit professional quality video and audio, how to take attention grabbing images, plus a range of tools and apps that will enhance your content further.


Reaching youth audiences: How are younger adults consuming media in ways which are fundamentally different to older people? And what does that mean for people trying to reach out to them? We cover divergent audiences and share information about what grabs the attention of Millennials and Generation Z.


Powerful communication for professionals

Building your professional authority online: Building your authority, using the right tools, representing yourself in the best way possible, creating key content around your areas of interest and understanding the areas of the digital world that you need. Delivered either as a course or as a bespoke Social Media Make Over where we are able to go through your online presence and coach you on areas specific to your needs, this is a perfect way for senior level people who want a change of role to engage with building their own brand.
Media training for the social media age: Practical experience that will equip senior level professionals with the skills to make their messages most powerfully for the social and News media environments.
Powerful visual presentations: Learn tips and tricks to help create visual presentations which capture your audiences’ attention.

Social media basics training

– Introduction to social media
– How to make shareable content that powers social media success
– Social media management – production, scheduling, analysis, social listening, moderation and oversight
– Social media for professional use and building your own authority with social media
– Social media for broadcasters and filmmakers
– Social media for academics
– Social media for Health Care Professionals
– Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

Digital & Social Media Corporate Briefings

Our briefings offer senior teams headlines around the latest areas of digital and social media trends.

Digital Trends & Platforms – The latest information and industry trends in regards the ever-changing array of routes to market, digital services which can be offered and ways to reach your customers. From AI and machine learning, Voice technology, AR and VR to how companies are transforming for better digital integration.

Social Media – As social media becomes the primary means of communication across many ages and demographics, it has become a key way to communicate company messages, share campaigns and build perception of your brand. With our extensive expertise of social media, digital content strategy and consumption habits, we’re perfectly placed to help bring your senior team up to speed on the areas which are critical to them.

Business Partnerships – As digital media introduces so many opportunities for corporate collaboration, our partnerships expert can help with all aspects of corporate and company collaboration, from relationship management, content ownership, legal, policy and problem solving.

Digital & Tech Knowledge Sharing

Our new tech knowledge sharing project Interface seeks to help people feel one step ahead of the vast digital changes around us, rather than one step behind. Whether it’s your staff, senior team or customers, we offer a range of knowledge sharing programmes and events designed to fit your needs whatever your industry.

Topics may including: blockchain, digital comms, digital transformation, building corporate partnerships, social media, connectivity, AI and machine learning, personalisation, voice technology, digital security, visual recognition, digital trends and more.

Our clients

We have delivered training and knowledge sharing for: the BBC, ITV, the European Parliament, the European Broadcasting Union, RTE, Digital Cities UK, the Royal College of GPs, Goldsmiths University, University of the West of England, Sport Scotland, Rotary International UK, British Association of Antiques Dealers, Association of Science and Discovery Centres and more. We are a social media and leadership training supplier for Screen Skills.


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European Parliament Dr Ranj and young parents at our social media empowerment day courtey of @aslisonbaum Rowan at the Social Media Empowerment Day