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Over the year’s our co-Director Rowan Kerek Robertson has spoken at many events, sharing insight and expertise gathered during her 15+ years working in social media, online communities and digital communication. Here we round up some of her top tips:

  • Use social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram as an information sources, they have great searches which you can use for any number of research purposes. One of the reasons Instagram is so successful now is because it’s so easy to find great content there.
  • Apply normal rules of human interaction to your online behaviour, if you wouldn’t do something in real life don’t do it online. If you wouldn’t want something quoted in a newspaper, don’t post it online anywhere. Be interesting, engaging and useful for your followers (otherwise they won’t follow you for long), just as you would for your real life friends.

Taken from an interview with the BBC College of Production – read all of the 16 Top Tips For Social Media In Television collated by Ash Bhardwaj.

  • When you’re thinking about the ROI of your social media activity, think about the solid engagements that people are taking around your content e.g. the likes, shares and comments, in order to work out which metrics to watch. This is an approach which is finally spreading across the industry, and we’re seeing fewer people blinded by the huge “impressions” type figures the platforms like to dazzle us with.
  • Actions denote real activity and are also the ways that the social platforms see what’s interesting to people, posts with more actions on are pushed to the surface by the social media platforms’ algorithms.
  • Remember too that likes on different platforms show varying levels of engagement by people. For example, a like on Instagram is so light touch, does it mean quite as much as a share on Facebook?

Get more insights about The Uncertainty of Measuring Social ROI, from an event hosted by the moderation company Tempero.

  • Younger adults particularly warm to authentic voices online, work to create your own authority and personality.
  • And when thinking about younger people consider a mix of genres and themes, it’s normal for them to consume a mix of hard news, lifestyle news, and practical/educational info, alongside comedy and entertainment.

Read more from Rowan’s EU Parliament conference address focusing on “Millennials, Social Media and Information Habits“, during the EU’s ‚ÄúPoliticians In A Communication Storm: Meeting Millennials On Digital Territories” event.

  • Consider how you represent both yourself and the organisation you work for carefully, be professional in your social media activity – remember that nothing is ever really deleted online.

Listen to the BBC Academy series “Social media: from personal to professional” via iTunes.

  • Think about what you want to achieve with your social media activity, what you have to offer people that they’ll be interested in and what your specific audience really want. To do this you’ll need to think about who your existing, core audience are and also who you want to reach, your target audience.
  • When you have a plan, think about what metrics will show you how you’re doing.

Read more about “Cutting A Long Story Short” collated by the University of Bristol Digital Education Office, a panel discussion chaired by Rowan as part of Digital Bristol Week.

  • There’s no one size fits all solution to social media activity, think about how much resource your social plans might require and the tone of voice or character it might have.

Get more insights into “Bridging the gap between audience and production”, a blog post written by Rowan in her previous role of Social Media Lead at BBC Television.

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