Social Media Masterclass at The European Parliament

At the end of January I was honoured to hold a Social Media Masterclass for the European Parliament’s Web Communications Unit. They’re a clever bunch of people who look after a lot of social accounts on pretty much every platform going!

I talked to them about three related areas:

  • What underpins powerful, shareable content for social media platforms, including some strategies specifically for them such as ways to make serious topics engaging and thinking about how to best tailor your content for different platforms and audiences
  • Ways to embed social media and conversation into broadcasts
  • How to deal with the contraints of representing a large organisations via social media

I even got to peak into the main Parliamentary Chamber (picture below), which I can testify is immense. Although we had a brilliantly full event, we wouldn’t have quite filled it.

Rowan – that’s me, selfied on the Eurostar below.





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