Facebook Privacy: How To Protect Your Personal Data

Recent events have been a reminder that Facebook is a data marketing company, marketing your data – it’s something we say when training people about social media regularly.

People using Facebook for their own un-profitable communication are not its customers, we are creating data for it to sell. This is the pay off for getting their service for free (arguably many people might happily pay for it to keep their data safe, but that’s a different post altogether). But even though we choose to be there using its free service, we can also look after what third parties can learn about us.

Here are our privacy tips for those who want to stop their data being used by 3rd parties, it takes roughly about an hour to go through it all and we recommend doing it on a desktop although some of it is available via the mobile app:

– Go through the Privacy Checkup (listed under the top right ? symbol) – pay attention to the apps you’ve allowed access to your profile, this is a key way that 3rd parties get your data and the data which your friends haven’t protected.
– Don’t miss the link under it which is to the “Privacy Shortcuts” – the “who can see my stuff” link is vital.
– Time and again we spot things, particularly photos, which seem to be unintentionally visible to non-friends. You might want to hide all of the photos you’ve been tagged in by other people from your own timeline, just because you don’t know the privacy settings on them.
– Use the “view as” tool, where you can see what the public can see from your profile – and make sure that you get the black line at the top of the page, it’s sometimes a bit shonky. Change the “who can see this” settings on things you don’t want public. If you can’t find the “view as” tool, there are instructions to find it below at the *.
– And finally, to hide all of that info being sold to the highest bidder, all of your “likes” – go to the page which lists all of your “likes”, click the pen icon top right and turn them all to the setting you want (public is of course the default setting). If you can’t find you Likes list see below at the **.

Do let us know your top tips via our Twitter account @TaylorKerek.

* To find “view as” tool: On a desktop – click your own name in the blue bar at the top – then the ? icon a little to the right > “privacy shortcuts” > “who can see my stuff” > “view as” – then a black bar should appear at the top of the page, where you select “public” or “specific person”.
** To find your Likes list: Click your name in the blue bar again (on a desktop) > go to “more” to the right of your profile pic – go down the list > click “likes”. On that page click the pen icon which should be somewhere below the “more” button. Then you can “edit the privacy of your likes” and the same for your follows.

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