Luxury Clothing Brand


We had the pleasure of representing one of the world’s finest bespoke tailors. Our challenge involved social media accounts with almost no followers or activity, no content to work with and out-of-date websites.


  • We took over the Twitter and Facebook page
  • Produced a number of brand videos
  • Created a significant image and video library
  • And developed and launched a number of websites for different aspects of the business

Our activity was aimed at a core audience of existing customers, but also a target audience of potential customers who we researched through social media activity data. We also offered full media representation.¬† We positioned the brand as a forward-facing, ultra high quality brand which was visible in the social media and digital worlds across devices. We responded to the content people shared and liked and created content to speak to younger potential customers as well as the brand’s more traditional clients. We created campaigns around events such as the brand’s 80th anniversary, with a range of content including a virtual exhibition and a number of brand videos.


Over 3 years we delivered:
– 29k followers across Twitter and Facebook
– 500 people being reached on each platform per day on average
– An image library of more than 550 images – forming the core of social media output which goes on to power their ongoing activity
– Over 30 videos – tailored to different social media platforms
– A YouTube channel – with over 100k views during 2018
– Three new, responsive websites – including a masterbrand website with nearly 40k unique visitors in 2018, from 170 different countries which we created regular articles for based on topics of interest to potential audiences
– A new company logo
– Media coverage including numerous interviews on BBC TV, podcasts including the popular The Modern Mann, glossy magazines such as MACO as well as newspaper articles
– Press releases submitted to UK and global press
– Submission of the company Director into a prestigious Black British Business Awards, involving the creation of numerous biographies – in which he was awards Black British Business Person of the Year!


100k YouTube views during 2018

30+ videos & 550 images created by TaylorKerek

29k followers across Twitter and Facebook