Globally Renown Arts & Antiques Fair


To raise the profile of the BADA Fair, a traditional arts and antiques event in central London, via social media and create digital content that reached new audiences including younger potential customers.


We focused on Twitter and Facebook, and started YouTube and Instagram accounts. We aimed to:

  • Create content which pushed people to the website rather than always consuming information on the social platforms
  • Create content which was highly shareable on each different social media platform
  • Promote the event through content and messages which would attract appropriate followers
  • Maintain the authority of the brand during the quiet season between fairs
  • As well as create a bank of “evergreen” content which would be used in the immediate run up to the event and into the future.


  • During the month of The Fair activity from @BADAFair generated 190k Twitter Impressions.
  • During the week of The Fair use of the hashtag #BADAFair by more than 200 accounts generated more than 1.5m Twitter Impressions.
  • On Facebook weekly page reach running up to the Fair was on average of 50k per week.
  • Our Facebook videos had an average 15k reach each.
  • Our “Visiting the BADA Fair 2016” article in which we collaborated with BADA Fair partners and local article was highly shared over a long period of time, and gained over 11k impressions in the run up to the Fair helping to increase visitors to the website.
  • Our “Welcome to the BADA Fair” slideshow performed gained more than 100k Reach on Facebook and more than 14k Facebook video views.
  • Running up to The Fair: A significant increase in social media activity in the direct run up to The Fair with multiple daily postings on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. During this time content published was heavily centred on the many aspects of The Fair itself as well as its partners.
  • During The Fair: Daily reporting of the BADA Fair itself including multimedia content production and heightened oversight of all social media activity ensuring the BADA Fair accounts were as active and engaged with other interested parties as possible.

1.5m # Twitter impressions around of the event

Facebook videos 15k reach each on average

50k Facebook reach per week