Freedom Charity asked our sister company Southwick Media to raise their profile during the criminalisation of Forced Marriage.

The #Freedom2Choose campaign was to be a social media and a broadcast PR campaign.


We delivered:

  • Social Media Release
  • Press Release
  • A campaign film featuring the Home Secretary, Theresa May, and leading figures in the forced marriage campaign
  • Broadcast PR
  • Full Press Office and Media Relations for the duration of the campaign


  • BBC News played a package all day on 16th June with Aneeta Prem and a classroom of children holding up paper with #Freedom2Choose written on it.
  • The whole film was put up on the Sky News website.
  • ITN used the Home Secretary’s interview and morph to Aneeta Prem in their main lunchtime bulletin. 
  • ITV Good Morning Britain – Aneeta Prem live on the sofa.  Case study Sally was pre-filmed on Sunday to appear in news packages.
  • BBC London Radio Breakfast Programme – Aneeta Prem and Sally interviewed live (and separately) by Paul Ross and Penny Smith.
  • BBC Radio 5 Live Victoria Derbyshire programme Aneeta Prem + Sally live 25 minute discussion.
  • ITN National lunchtime news (pre-rec with Aneeta). The original plan to have Aneeta live on ITV at 1:30pm changed because of Iraq and other developments and because they had a shorter than usual programme due to the World Cup football.
  • BBC News Channel – live interview Aneeta Prem + Sally.
  • BBC World TV – live Aneeta Prem
  • Sky News – Aneeta Prem + Sally pre-filmed & appeared in packages throughout the day.
  • Channel 5 News (pre-rec interview with Aneeta + case study “Sally”)
  • ITN National early evening news (pre-rec Aneeta)
  • BBC Asian Network – pre-rec
  • BBC Radio Stoke
  • BBC Radio Nottingham – Aneeta Prem interview
  • Al Jazeera (contacted Freedom directly)
  • Radio Anglia – pre-rec Friday
  • Mustard TV – pre-rec Friday