What we do

Social media planning and production -

Bringing our expertise, creativity and wide contact book together we can offer realistic recommendations for your social media strategy. We will take your aims, resources and expertise into consideration to deliver a tailored plan. We can also drive your social media strategy, reporting on activity, and can look after wider aspects of your PR and brand positioning. You can leave everything in our hands, knowing we will produce your social media channels and represent your organisation with the care and attention that your own staff would.

Shareable content -

There are lots of reasons to take part in social media activity, one of which is to get your brand, organisation, campaign or content noticed! Alongside running accounts which people find engaging, you’ll need to have content which cuts through the noise. We will recommend an appropriate and effective content strategy to power your social media approach, which we can then deliver through an effective content release schedule. We are also well versed in tailoring video content to amplify your social and PR campaigns. We are also excited to be offering a 360 Panorama service. Click here to see an example.

Social media events -

From beginner to masterclass ­- we will tailor short, accessible panel sessions for your company showcasing the industry’s best brains in the areas which are most relevant to your company’s needs. Using our deep knowledge of the social media industry, and wide ranging contact list of social media practitioners, we can bring you relevant experts in the field as well as high level strategic thinkers. Coming from a broadcast background and with a strong track record in event organisation, our events leave nothing to chance. We can deliver shareable video highlights of our events, and if your organisation or contacts are scattered across the country or globe, we can arrange the above social media events in a virtual setting.

Social media training -

Representing a brand or organisation on social media is a different skill than using it for your own personal enjoyment. You’ll need to think about things like your tone of voice and how you want to represent your organisation and engage with your followers and influencers online. Most importantly, you need to think about how you make your accounts interesting! We will show you how to get the most out of your organisation’s social media activity. Let us take you through the areas and platforms which are specific to your needs, along with how to maximise wins, minimise risks, ways of looking at your return on investment, and what your budget might need to be. Our training is tailored to suit people of all levels of expertise and at all levels within an organisation.

Social media and content strategy research -

Some areas need specific and detailed consideration. With our comprehensive understanding of social media users, online content consumption and production requirements, we’re able to investigate your specific concerns and respond with detailed reports to suit your needs.

Digital and tech knowledge sharing -

Our Interface project seeks to prepare people to seize opportunities that the digital revolution offers. We are passionate about sharing tech knowledge to empower people. Find out more about Interface Tech Knowledge Sharing.