Making Great Videos For Social Media

Rowan Kerek Robertson on successful ways to approach shortform video making.

Working with the BBC Academy and SportScotland I was up in Glasgow earlier this week speaking to a group of people from Scottish sporting bodies about short form video online – creating it cleverly and optimising your efforts for the greatest reach.

Creating great shareable content for social platforms requires a few things:
– Thinking about and getting to know your audiences, those you already have and those you want to have! And creating content with those people in mind.
– Thinking about what makes people share things they see online – emotions, being funny, being informative, or my personal favourite, when content defines something about them.
– Thinking about what makes content feel innately digital – Buzzfeed feels so digital-first because of its themes: lol, win, OMG, fail, and what’s trending.
– Picking topics that people are interested in and knowing how to find those topics!
– Putting the social into “social video” and tlaking to and involving your audience.
– Developing an approach to your video which is sustainable and consistent, remember that TV shows keep the same format for years and years because people come back to what they know they love!
– Of course you’ve also got to grab attention quickly and keep your first time viewers
– And last but not least, thinking about how to get each of your videos to work really well on each different online platform is essential in today’s world!

There’s so much amazing video being published out there winning the war for people’s attention, but so much that could be better!

Here are a few great ones we looked at.

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