Stories: The New Social Media Story

How Stories on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are enabling a new storytelling language. What are they anyway? And why you should care! Over the last few years I’ve had the pleasure of helping Future Documentary Masters students at University of… Read more >

Simple tips to keep your data safe

With GDPR and the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data scandal fresh in our minds, we put together this infographic to help people remember simple actions that can keep your data safe!

Facebook Privacy: How To Protect Your Personal Data

Recent events have been a reminder that Facebook is a data marketing company, marketing your data – it’s something we say when training people about social media regularly. People using Facebook for their own un-profitable communication are not its customers,… Read more >

Social Media Tips For Professionals

Over the year’s our co-Director Rowan Kerek Robertson has spoken at many events, sharing insight and expertise gathered during her 15+ years working in social media, online communities and digital communication. Here we round up some of her top tips:… Read more >